Kids 360

At the Revolution we strive to live our lives as an example for others but, above all, to honor God. As such an example we want all of the kids to know that God loves them and wants them to succeed. Their Christian life starts when they establish Jesus as their Savior and God as their Father. From this starting point they can have a lifelong relationship with friends, siblings, parents, relatives, business colleagues, etc… and above all with God, their Father and Creator. They can learn to turn to Him for guidance and to His words, by reading their Bible to handle the affairs of life as Jesus would. We can help them by teaching them the Bible, by praying with them, by singing with them and by loving them.

We have lots of age-specific classes for children, or they may attend regular services – whichever makes them feel more comfortable. We’ll show the children they are just as important as the adults. We give them love, and strive to teach them God’s Word in ways that make sense to them, with games, drama, Bible stories, crafts and music. We lead them by being good examples.